1) Write a paragraph or two about a good food memory.  For example, I might write about picking strawberries with my grandma and then making strawberry shortbread.   Or I might write about drinking coffee at sunrise on the beach with my father.  If you want to write more, feel free, but it doesn't have to be long.  Describe it and add details!

2) Write out a recipe related to the food your memory was about. Be sure to give amounts (in grams and millilitres/litres) and instructions for how to cook it.  For example, I might give the recipe for strawberry shortcake.  Or I might describe how to make the best coffee ever!

Due Monday or Tuesday!  (We are at residential on Wed.)

UPDATE!  Homework turned in on the Monday after residential is fine.

This week, P.E. on Tuesday for everyone.  No Wednesday swimming.  Children not going to residential will swim Friday morning with the Year 3's.